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Our programs are designed to interconnect with each other to provide a person-centred, strengths-based, holistic, wraparound service.

We have no closed doors between programs.

A single mum coming to one of our children’s playgroups may be supported to access both our emergency relief and training and employment programs. A dad who has become estranged from his kids and accesses our emergency relief service may also be supported by our case management program.

We work with people in ways that build on their strengths and capacities to empower them to act on their own behalf. Our goal is to walk beside people, offering support and information, knowledge and skills, resources, time and space to allow them to choose and implement actions that benefit them.

Jez and his partner, who is in the early stages of pregnancy, used the emergency relief program. He spoke about his recent illness, upcoming parenthood, and significant ongoing expenses. Jez wants to provide for his family but is still undertaking studies making it difficult to find work. He and his partner didn’t want to take too much but really needed some food and baby items, which they received along with information about new parent services. Jez and his partner were grateful for the support at such a crucial time in their young family’s life.