About Us

What we’re about

Kippax is both a modern, vibrant Uniting Church and one of the significant community service agencies in the ACT.

As a church we are an open, inclusive community of diverse people who simply believe that all people are important and should be nurtured so they can live meaningful lives and reach their full potential. Part of this nurturing includes a belief that the grace of God is there for everyone.  We believe in the example set by Jesus that we should love, accept and help people from all walks of life, and always strive to be part of a world that is just, peaceful and safe.

As a community service agency, we run a variety of programs, funded from a number of sources, to assist the people of the ACT who struggle with issues of low income, housing stress, relationship problems, and social disadvantage.

Our mission is to create a loving, nurturing community, growing a deeper faith in God through Christ Jesus.