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Emergency Material and Financial Aid

A helping hand during difficult times

Our Emergency Material & Financial Aid (EMFA) Program

Our Emergency Material & Financial Aid (EMFA) Program

Provides short-term emergency material and financial aid to families and individuals who are in crisis or may be experiencing difficulties.

We also provide short-term case coordination to help manage immediate and ongoing issues.

Types of assistance can include:

  • Food and hygiene hampers**
  • Grocery vouchers**
  • School uniform assistance**
  • Winter clothing assistance**
  • Prescription assistance through partner pharmacies**
  • Social inclusion programs, events, and workshops

We offer targeted support and advocacy on a case-by-case basis to address immediate and short-term needs.

  • Financial and material help
  • Information
  • Referrals
  • Support letters
  • Advocacy
  • Basic help with budgeting, navigating systems, and support for self-advocacy is provided.

**Subject to availability and resources.

“Thanks for seeing me and not sending me somewhere else. I’m so grateful for how non-judgemental you are.”

How to engage

For one-on-one support, a confidential discussion, and short-term support, please see our reception or triage officer to self-refer to one of our case coordinators. Each appointment with the case coordinators is up to 60 minutes long.

Important Service Delivery Update

We would like to inform you that effective Monday, April 29, 2024, our Emergency Material and Financial Aid program will be transitioning to an appointment-only service model. If you wish to schedule an appointment with one of our Emergency Relief workers, kindly contact our reception at 02 6254 1733 or make a booking through reception.

Please note that emergency food hampers will remain accessible without the need for an appointment during our regular opening hours.

A third of ACT adults reported a financial position which indicates they have relatively high vulnerability to financial shocks, with limited ability to cope with events such as loss of income or sudden large expenses