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Social Enterprise (Mower shed)

The Mower Shed is a social enterprise of UCK, who deliver market rate, garden maintenance services. The purpose of the Mower Shed is to address intergenerational disadvantage, build a strong and positive community and give a model way of how employment programs and mainstream employment can become more inclusive and supportive. 

Its focus is on providing employment opportunities to people who struggle with gaining and maintaining mainstream employment. They assist their casual staff in re-establishing work habits and support them in obtaining general certificates and other role-specific certificates to increase their employability. The team leaders provide support to the casual staff when they are having trouble with implementing soft skills and identify areas that need further development. They model a positive work ethic, engagement, and high-level team skills.

The Mower Shed concept has received strong support from all segments of the community including business, community organisations, government, and general members of the public. See