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The Home Interaction Program Parents and Youngsters Program (HIPPY)

The Home Interaction Program Parents and Youngsters Program (HIPPY) is a free two-year, home-based early learning and parenting service delivered in over 100 sites across Australia to families with young children and aims to:

First Year – Age 3 (fortnightly delivery)

  • Support families to teach children before they start school.
  • Support families to encourage a love of learning everywhere and any time.
  • Connect families to other families doing HIPPY.
  • Connect families to groups and services within their community.

Second Year – Age 4/Preschool (weekly delivery)

  • Families continue HIPPY as children start pre-school.
  • Families support their children to be confident learners.
  • HIPPY supports families to be part of their school community giving them tools to communicate with their child’s teacher.

The HIPPY Team consists of 5 people, a HIPPY Program Coordinator – Warrick Eppelstun, and 4 HIPPY tutors delivering the program to the families enrolled.

Parents enrolled in the program have an opportunity to become a HIPPY tutor in their second year of the program.

Tutors are provided training in delivering the program as well as opportunities to further support their return to the workforce through education, soft skills and industry specific training.

Enquiries about the program should be sent to