Gordon’s weekly message



We have journeyed through our time of Lent, and in our small groups we have been experiencing a range of experiences of prayer. It has been deliberately to help focus our attention on the next week, as we recall and remember the last few days of Jesus life – and then his death and resurrection. Continue reading

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Gordon’s weekly message

rally for refugees


Lent is racing on. Only a couple of weeks away from Easter and so our services are very much focussed on the later part of the journey.

Last week we were reminded of the identity of God and of the purpose of Jesus’s life – Love. God loved SO MUCH. Continue reading

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Lent begins


Today marks the beginning of our Lenten journey. There will be an Ash Wednesday service at Kippax tonight at 8pm. This will be a contemplative service where you will be invited to walk the prayer labyrinth and enter into the story of Jesus. We will walk the journey through the season of “inward searching” that is Lent. Continue reading

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Next Garage Sale – Sat 28 Feb!

Garage Sale

Our next Monster Garage sale will be held on Saturday 28 February from 8am – 1pm.

That’s really soon so whether you have some goods, are looking for a bargain or would like to volunteer it’s time to get ready! Continue reading

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Hannah’s weekly message

This weekend (Feb 15) we celebrate Transfiguration Sunday, remembering the mountaintop moment when Jesus “changed” and the disciples experienced God’s presence in an amazing way! When have you had a “mountain top moment” like this? Continue reading

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Gordon’s weekly message


This coming Sunday we are really in for a special treat.

Bishop Ian Lambert – the Anglican Bishop in Defence – will be speaking at both our 830 and 1030 services. Continue reading

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February at Kippax

One of the commitments that we make as a congregation to those starting Year 11, is that we will support them through their schooling in ways that are most helpful and practical. This includes tutoring or study assistance. We are a very fortunate and gifted congregation here, and can cover just about everything that people are studying. In the past this has proved extremely helpful for a number of our young students. So … please help!!

Are you willing to be available if needed to help our young people through times in Year 11 & 12? It is a great way to establish relationships and meet some really interesting young people!! Can you help with any subject if called on? Maths? Physics? Legal Studies? English? Drama? Languages? Anything?? Continue reading

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Celebrating Indigenous Spirituality – concert

Johnny Huckle

Join us for an Evening of Song and Reflection with Johnny Huckle and Friends
Kippax Uniting Church, Luke Street, Holt
Saturday 21 February 2015 at 7.30 pm Continue reading

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Dying to know: “Death Cafe”

Coming up – Death Café, Sunday February 15, 5-7pm at KUCC. The death café is a small, friendly and informal gathering in a relaxed café environment to discuss death in order to lead a fuller life. What are you dying to know? Continue reading

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Transitions Sunday – celebrating start of school year 1 February 2015


Continue reading

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Kippax is now on Twitter


Follow us now on Twitter: @kippaxUC

You can also follow Gordon Ramsay: @Gordon_R_Ramsay

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At home Advent responses Week 4

Lego Love banner

Week 4 – Love in the midst of rejection

Mary proclaimed: “God’s mercy is from generation to generation.  He has lifted up the lowly”. There is no reality of rejection by God. But instead, God’s love knows no bounds, no ends, no limits.

Whatever we face in life, God’s steadfast love surrounds us. Continue reading

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Gordon’s weekly message

This Sunday we start our single, combined worship services – 930am eachSunday through to (& including) 18 January.

This week our theme is “Love in the midst of Rejection”

Our times over Christmas mean that there are a range of opportunities for coming together to celebrate: Continue reading

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At home Advent responses Week 3

Joy Advent candle

Week 3 – Joy in the midst of despair – may you feel a sense of transforming joy

When all is empty and all semblance of life is gone, God is not yet finished.  The story is not yet complete.  There is still space for joy. We celebrate the One who has come, is coming and will come again. Continue reading

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Gordon’s weekly message

I hope you have been finding the Advent responses on our website each week – and finding them helpful

This week is the 3rd week of Advent and we are continuing in our season of contrasts. This week’s theme is “Joy in the midst of Despair”
It has been, as always, an absolute privilege to be part of the Kippax Christmas Appeal, and see some of the ways that joy has been brought into people’s lives over the past few days. Thank you for everyone’s involvement – no matter what form it has taken this year. Continue reading

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At home Advent responses Week 2

Peace Advent candle 2

Week 2 – Peace in the midst of conflict
May you feel the sense of unexpected peace

The prophet wrote
“Comfort, comfort my people. Speak tenderly to them
 and let them know that they have served their term”.

Even while conflict continues around us, God offers a different way. God calls us to breathe in the holy breath of peace. Continue reading

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Gordon’s weekly message

Street view Kippax

As the season of Advent contrast continues, we are getting ready for what is to come.

Did you check out the Kippax website this week?

Advent reflections will be posted on the Kippax website www.kippax.org.au. Each of the reflections will have two contrasting responses. These reflections aim to give an opportunity for response no matter where you are in life at this time of year. This week’s reflections reflect on hope in hopelessness.

How are you feeling as we approach Christmas? Continue reading

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At-home Advent responses – Week 1

Advent 2014 candles

Advent 2014  – A Season of Contrasts

Advent is a time of preparation, of getting ready, of counting down to Christmas! It can be exciting and life giving, or overwhelming and distressing. 

Each of the reflections will have 2 suggestions for response that are pastoral (internally focussed reflections) or missional (outwardly focussed actions). These Advent reflections aim to give an opportunity for response no matter where you are in life at this time of year.

As you journey through Advent, may you experience a sense of defiant Hope, unexpected Peace, transforming Joy, and the warmth of Love that Christ brings.  Continue reading

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Where you can drop off toy donations

toys at christmas

Toys can be dropped off to the following locations:

Autoco Phillip Mechanical and Smash Repairs: 5 Rickerby St Phillip ACT 2606

BSelect Phillip: 4/74-80  Parramatta St Phillip ACT 2606

Pedders Phillip: 5-19 Salamander Crt Phillip ACT 2606

Autoco Belconnen: 86 Nettlefold St Belconnen ACT 2617 Continue reading

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Lent 3 – Seeing something in a new way

About a week ago, if you managed to get away from Garage Sale preparation
you may have seen on the internet and other media
a raging debate about a dress – and what colours the dress is

Let’s see what you think


For many people, there is only one answer –
though not everyone’s answer is the same.

For me, it is a white and gold dress.
For some people, it is a blue and black dress.
For some people, it is one, but then when they look back it is the other.

And for many people it seems to depend on what you put around it –
surround it with some colours and it is one,
surround it with other colours and it is something else.

I find it quite astonishing that no matter what I do,
I cant see the dress as the same colours as other people.
For me, nothing seems to make the dress anything other than white and gold.

For us as we come to this time of gathered worship,
things probably look one particular way – as obvious as the gold and white dress is to me.

For others they probably seem quite obscure, or quirky
And for others they are probably downright bizarre.

Is that the perspective of time
Or upbringing, or culture?

Is it that we as a church have taken what was a black and blue dress and faded it?
Maybe we aren’t necessarily the best ones to answer that.

When Jesus looked at the work of the Temple
he saw something different from what others saw.

It’s probably accurate to say that most people who were there
saw something that was necessary for them to be able to worship

It’s hard exactly to work out what Jesus saw – or why he saw it –
because the surrounding setting is quite different in the gospels.

In Matthew, Mark and Luke, this story happens right at the end –
It is within a few days of his arrest and execution
In John it is right at the beginning of the gospel story:
one of the very first things that happens.

Some tellings of the story make it seem as if it were a profoundly justice-based action
that there was stealing going on here – a den of robbers.

Some tellings of the story make it sound more as if there is a breakdown
in the way that people could relate with God
and that the Temple had become a barrier, a hindrance rather than a help.

This Lent is a time of trying to re-see, re-focus and re-experience

What are the things that you are certain of in faith –
as certain as I am that the dress is gold and white.
What are the ways of living out a life of faith or values
that may actually be a hindrance to yourself and a justice block to others?
What are the ways that seem to be – without a doubt –
           ways of experiencing God
          that may simply now be practices, habits and requirements.

A time of re-looking, re-focusing and re-experiencing.
Is God found in places we have stopped looking?
Is God experienced in ways that we have written off or discounted?
Are there things that seem ‘holy’, that may actually be pretty ordinary.

We are invited into a time of re-considering and re-looking.

By the way – the dress is actually black and blue – truly.

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