Let’s Give Everyone a Christmas 2014

Christmas is a time of celebration. Many of us spend it with family or friends, enjoying a bit of an ‘end of year’ break of some sort or another. Some of us do not.

Our appeal “Let’s Give everyone a Christmas” is on the way again.  We expect to be supporting more than 2000 people this Christmas.  We provide food, toys for young children, and movie ticket packs for teenagers. Our target is to collect $50,000 in time for Christmas this year. That is an enormous task, and one which can only be achieved with the generosity of the Canberra community.  Thank you.

I’m proud to be patron of this appeal because it’s part of giving everyone a fair go – sharing what we have so that we can all celebrate the good things in life. There are many ways you can contribute.  Every donation – every bit of support – makes a difference for a person whose life is difficult at the moment.

  • Financial donations can be made by direct bank transfer: click here to find out more. Gifts of $2 and over are tax deductible.
  • New gifts can be left at our building, or at a number of other locations. Click here to see the list. We always receive generous donations of small gifts and soft toys and would love to add more brightly coloured and educational toys for children aged 0 – 12 to the options.
  • Donations of non-perishable food can be brought to the Kippax Uniting Community Centre in Holt
  • Volunteering your time – especially helping at the time we are distributing the Christmas assistance, from 10 – 19 December – is not only helpful, but can be very rewarding.   Email Stuart Anderson stuart@kippax.org.au if you are interested in this.

Thank you again for supporting this appeal. If you have any questions please call 6254 1733.  For more details on how to help, click here.

Dr Sue Packer AM

Patron: Let’s Give Everyone a Christmas 2014

Dr Sue Packer

If you need help this Christmas, hamper bookings open on Monday 1st December at 9.00am. Call 6254 1733.

It is important that people book into and attend appointments so that we are able to provide them with the best possible service this Christmas, and so that others do not miss out.

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Gordon’s weekly message

It’s that time again – we are counting down to Christmas. During this advent season we are getting ready for what is to come.

How are you preparing? At Kippax, we have a few ways to respond to the advent season.

Firstly, we invite you to check out this year’s Advent reflections will be posted on the Kippax website www.kippax.org.au. Each of the reflections will have two suggestions for response. These reflections aim to give an opportunity for response no matter where you are in life at this time of year.

Sunday November 30, 3.30pm-5pm is the Kippax Family Advent Workshop – children and their families (grandparents too!) are invited to share in the Hope, Peace, Joy and Love of Christmas. Families will explore the meaning of Christmas through music, storytime and craft. A barbecue dinner will follow.If you haven’t already, please rsvp to hannah@kippax.org.au

Wednesday December 10, 8pm Blue Christmas is a special time of peace and reflection for people approaching this Christmas in grief or without a loved one.

Sunday December 14, A Very Kippax Christmas. Come dressed up as something, preferably from the Christmas Story! Scripts will be available on Sunday so you can prepare. It promises to be a great time together.

Christmas Hampers are due back this Sunday. These hampers will assist more than 2000 people. We’re looking to buy extra hampers this year to ensure that all families in Canberra have the support that they need. Can you please return your hampers this weekend. Financial donations can also be made through our website – www.kippax.org.au/donate-or-volunteer or in person. Volunteers are still needed to help distribute the hampers. Email stuart@kippax.org.au or see the volunteer roster on the glass doors at the entrance to the Auditorium. Spread the word – word of mouth, facebook, twitter, however else you can. #GiveaChristmas, #givingbox2014. Thank you once again for your generosity with this appeal.

See you all this weekend as we begin the advent season and light the candle of Hope.


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The Etheringtons bring “Niulife”!


Congratulations to members of the Kippax community  and Founders of Kokonut Pacific Pty Ltd, Dr Dan Etherington and his wife Maureen, as they celebrate 20 years of passionate commitment to social justice and health.

“When you buy Niulife products, you help us continue our social work with rural population in the Pacific islands. We simply say to you ‘Thank you’. Together we are making a difference”.

Check them out: https://www.niulife.com or www.facebook.com/niulife

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Where you can drop off toy donations

Toys can be dropped off to the following locations:

Autoco Phillip Mechanical and Smash Repairs: 5 Rickerby St Phillip ACT 2606

BSelect Phillip: 4/74-80  Parramatta St Phillip ACT 2606

Pedders Phillip: 5-19 Salamander Crt Phillip ACT 2606

Autoco Belconnen: 86 Nettlefold St Belconnen ACT 2617

Autoco Smash Repairs Belconnen: 20 Rae St Belconnen ACT 2617

BSelect Belconnen: 31 Cohen St Belconnen ACT 2617

Pedders Belconnen: 86 Nettlefold St Belconnen ACT 2617

Curves Fitness Jamison: 3/39 Bowman Street Jamison Centre, ACT 2617

Energy Fitness : 90 Hardwick Cres, Holt ACT 2615

Mix 106.3FM: 55 Bellenden Street, Crace, ACT, Australia 2911

Mix 104.7FM: 55 Bellenden Street, Crace, ACT, Australia 2911

Target Belconnen and UnitingCare Giving Box: 18 Benjamin Way, Belconnen ACT 2617

Target Civic and UnitingCare Giving Box (previously Operation Santa): Canberra City Centre, Akuna Avenue, Canberra ACT

Toys and Teen Gift Donations can be dropped off here:

Contact Canberra, Room G.02, New Griffin Centre: 20 Genge Street, Canberra City ACT 2601

The Riverview Group – West Belconnen project office at Kippax Fair: Hardwick Cres, Holt ACT 2615


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Looking for a way to help this Christmas?

lets give christmas

Through its “Let’s Give” appeal UnitingCare Kippax distributes food hampers and new toys to around 500 families in need each Christmas. Here are few ways you as an individual or as a team from your organisation can help.

  • Putting a giving tree in your workplace or making direct donations of new toys to us. We are anticipating a growth in need on previous years, so this is a practical and very direct way of helping. Any gift, no matter how small can and really does help, and is a key priority this year.
  • Volunteering a couple of hours of your time between the 10th and 19th December to come in and be a “Volunteer Elf” giving out Christmas Hampers and Toys. This is an ideal opportunity for organisations who may want to send a small team for a fun half day.
  • Participating in the Teenage Gift Drive. Being able to provide gifts for teenagers can be a real gap and we are happy to say that through the generosity of our community we have been able to provide movie gift packs to teenagers that allow them to share their gift with someone else. We’re really looking forward to continuing community support. Contact warrick@kippax.org.au for more information.
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Congratulations to Gordon Ramsay, ACT Finalist Australia’s Local Hero 2015

In case you hadn’t heard, our own Gordon Ramsay was a finalist for an Australian of the year award, in the Local Hero Category. It was fitting recognition for a man who works so hard for and is so passionate about his local community. He stood alongside 15 other accomplished ACT community leaders, philanthropists and humanitarians at the ACT awards on the 3rd of November and we couldn’t be more proud. Congratulations Gordon!   
ACT finalists group

ACT finalist details

 ACT finalist

 Here’s a great local article about the nominees: HerCanberra: The Canberra Spirit Worthy of a Gong

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The power in the scattered

At long last it happens – we can move off our 6 weeks on one verse.
No more talking about yeast and bread.   Well, not this week.   Well, maybe …
And instead, we move to a different bible passage that has a verse in it
that gets greatly used, and in reality greatly overused.
“Where two or three are gathered in my name, there I am in the midst of them”

In my first parish as a Minister, one of the congregations had a very small evening service
and over the years it had got much smaller.
I was asked to take it once or twice a month,
and more often than not it had about 4-5 people

I raised the question at one stage about whether it was still really worth holding the service
and very quickly I had quoted to me this bible verse – where two or three are gathered …
as a justification of there being a minister there to run the service

These days, with a few more years of ministry under my belt
I would have answered a little bit differently!
Maybe I would have said something like
If Jesus is there among you, then you don’t need me to run the service

The passage certainly isn’t about justifying whether someone in ministry
needs to be at a particular sized gathering of people of faith

The context in the writing is that this passage is about relationships
and in particular it is about how to manage difficult relationships in a church community
We spent some time earlier this year look at the concept, so it’s not our focus today

But it is good to be reminded that this “process” for dealing with difficult times
sets out for us that the way that we deal with difficult and painful relationships
is not by garnering our forces, or bottling it up till we have lots of evidence,
but it is about going and speaking honestly with the person now

Then, if that doesn’t work,
we can move on to trying to resolve things in a slightly larger group
– though I would suggest that if that is necessary,
it would be wise of us to try and find someone who doesn’t just think like we do.

And then you try to reach a sense of agreement or consensus with the whole community.

And finally, if that is not resolved, treat them like a tax collector, or sinner.
What’s that last painful step?
Finally we can feel justified,
and if that pesky person just wont see things our way,
we can cut them off, get rid of them,   excommunicate them from the church.

If that’s where you think the passage leads, then I don’t think you’re reading the gospel.

Do you remember how Jesus treats the tax collectors, and sinners and outcasts?
My version of Matthew tells me that
“The Son of Man came eating and drinking, and they say,
‘Here is a glutton and a drunkard, a friend of tax collectors and sinners’ “

So I think this passage is that it is imploring us
that if you cant resolve the difference that you have,
then you have to surround the person in love.

But then the passage moves on to that famous verse
Where two or three are gathered in my name, there I am in the midst of them.

It might be helpful to remember that
Matthew’s gospel was written probably relatively shortly after the fall of Jerusalem
before which there was a 6 month brutal siege
During the siege, the Romans allowed all the festival pilgrims into Jerusalem
but wouldn’t let them out.
and when people did leave, they were crucified close to the walls
so that the people inside could hear easily what was going on.
The city was packed, pressured, and deadly.
And then the city fell.   Estimates are that around 1million people were killed

So by the time that gospel was written, the community is well and truly scattered.
It is not a strong movement.   It is not a mega church, powerfully advising the government
It is spread thin.   Handfuls here and there
It gathers in house churches.   In small movements.   In towns and in villages.

The Christian movement was really born in the scattering of the people of God.
Where two or three are gathered … that’s enough

It’s an image that might well make sense to us in the context of the last few weeks:
There’s a little bit of yeast ,
which is present and which has been worked through the dough.
(I couldn’t not mention the parable at all!)
In our town planning here, we talk about the salt and peppering of Canberra.
Not all in one big clump, but spread all over the place.

Sometimes we do things when we are gathered – clumped together.
There we have a mass, a momentum, a corporate energy.
The Christmas appeal is something that we are doing jointly.

But for most of the time, we are scattered, diffuse, all over the place.
And even then in those small numbers, we have the presence of God with us.

So it could be when a couple of people jump in a car to be able to get a meal
to an elderly person who cant take care of themselves
there I am in their midst

Or it could be when a two or three people take time out in their lunch break
and sit down to talk about what is important to them in life
there I am in their midst

Or it could be when a small group of people go and sit in the office of a federal politician
and commit to staying and praying until all children are released from detention
there I am in their midst

Sometimes – not always – the gathering can be it is difficult and painful
but the phrasing of this idea in the gospel is powerful
           where two or three are gathered – there I am in the midst of them

A few chapters later in the gospel
there is the story of something which is central to our faith
Matthew tells it clearly that on the Friday there were three gathered (& exposed) on a hill
And Jesus is in the midst of them.

Even in the times that are painful – for this community it meant as painful as crucifixion -
still in their scattered lives, Jesus is there in their midst

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Geoff Bullock in concert

Everywhere I go – songs and stories of grace 

Saturday 25 Oct 2014 at 7.30pm, Kippax Uniting Community Centre
tickets $15 at the door  

Geoff Bullock is one of Australia’s most prolific and popular praise and worship songwriters. Beautiful songs such as The power of your love, Refresh my heart, The Great Southland, This Kingdom, Just let me say, I will never be the same again, and Until we see the Cross have impacted the Christian church throughout Australia, New Zealand and beyond.

Geoff says:
“I’ve led the most extraordinary life and have been privileged to have woven its highs and lows into songs and stories of love, grace, and mercy. I am aware now, more than at any other time in my life, that Jesus offers us more than a culture, a congregation and a belief structure. He offers us the most exquisite promises and the assurance of His enabling presence. Join me for a night of music and storytelling as together we will celebrate all that we are and shall be in Him.”

Short interviews with Geoff on the nature of worship: 

Geoff’s blog: http://geoffbullock.blogspot.com.au/

Geoff’s website: http://www.geoffbullock.com/

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Refugees: A faith-filled response?


LMAW-postcard-2v4To register for the forum please click here to RSVP

You can also download the PDF of the postcard to share with others who you think may be interested.

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Christian Nonviolence Action Training


To register for the workshop please click here to RSVP.

You can also download the PDF of the postcard to share with others who you think may be interested.

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