Let’s Give Everyone a Christmas 2015

lets give Xmas everyone bannerChristmas is a time of celebration. Many of us spend it with family or friends, enjoying a bit of an ‘end of year’ break of some sort or another. Some of us do not.

Our appeal “Let’s Give everyone a Christmas” is on the way again.  We expect to be supporting more than 2000 people this Christmas.  We provide food, toys for young children, and movie ticket packs for teenagers. Our target is to collect $70,000 in time for Christmas this year. That is an enormous task, and one which can only be achieved with the generosity of the Canberra community.  Thank you. Continue reading

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Kippax this weekend

hampers at christmas


It’s that time again – we are in preparation.

During this advent season we are getting ready for what is to come…

How are you preparing? At Kippax, we have a few ways to respond to the Advent season.

This year we are playing with The Words of Advent.  Continue reading

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This weekend at Kippax

rain in summer

Reign of Christ rains…


Go and drink a glass of water – it is really hot!! And then come back to the email … Continue reading

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Kippax this Sunday



This is such a wonderful weekend of celebration coming up

In our 945 service we are celebrating the baptism of May Maroske and her (& Peter’s) son Matt. One baptism in a service is a great event, but two is simply wonderful. Both adult and infant baptisms are celebrations of God’s grace and our responses, and to have the joy of both happening at the one time is a congregational highlight. I hope you are able to be there in the 945 service this week to take part. Continue reading

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This weekend at Kippax

Garage Sale


Welcome from the midst of a great hive of activity and community work. In just about every bit of property here at Kippax (and also in places around Belconnen) our great team of volunteers and staff are in preparation for our 3rd Garage Sale of the year. To everyone who has already put in the effort around set ups, donations, cooking etc and to everyone who is still planning to be involved over the next 24-36 hours: THANK YOU!! Continue reading

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Kippax this weekend

Dancing kids holiday happenings

Hi everyone!

This next week is National Children’s Week and there are heaps of events all over Canberra to participate in. The program can be found at: http://www.actchildrensweek.com.au/downloads/2015%20Children’s%20Week%20Program.pdf

Here are some of the ways you can participate locally though our Kippax community: Continue reading

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Kippax this weekend



It is good to be back this week – and it was good to have had a week camping down at Mystery Bay watching whales head past every day. An important time of rest, relaxation and refreshment.

Last Sunday we commenced a season of faith and justice. Did you know that the word used in scripture that is translated as “righteousness” and the word that is translated as “justice” is the same word? Continue reading

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This week at Kippax


Hi friends,

How beautiful is this Sunshine!

We in the middle of two long weekends in the ACT and I hope some of you are enjoying some time in the sun together. Continue reading

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Next Monster Garage Sale 31 October


The next monster garage sale is almost upon us!

Saturday 31 October 2015 from 8.00am until 1.00pm.

Our famous garage sales are a great way to recycle good-quality, second-hand goods. They help people in our community save money and are an important fundraiser for Kippax.

We will be gratefully accepting donations of good quality second-hand goods on Thursday 29 and Friday 30 October. We can take furniture, kitchenware, clothes, toys, games, art, craft, knick-knacks and books, in good condition. We can also accept electrical, computing and white goods but please ensure they are in working order.

Continue reading

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This week at Kippax


Hi friends,

I’m back from a week of leave and I’ve brought a bug back with me. Hopefully I’ll be with you on Sunday.

This Sunday is the fourth and final Sunday in the Season of Creation – River Sunday – and John Williams will lead us in the 830 and 1030 services. John’s wisdom and experience is guaranteed to be insightful. Continue reading

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SOUP tember appeal

Each year, UnitingCare Kippax supports thousands of Canberrans who are struggling financially.

Each month, we invite Canberrans who are able, to donate a specific item to help make life a bit easier for those who are doing it tough.

This month is SOUP-tember.   If you can donate a can or packet of soup it will help provide food for someone who might otherwise have to do without.  Winter may be over but the chills are still here.

Donations can be left at Kippax Uniting Community Centre (Luke St & Hardwick Cres Holt) between 9 and 4 on weekdays and between 830 and 12 on Sundays.

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Gordon’s weekly message


Mr Bean's Chariot


On a flight back from Sydney this morning, an announcement from the pilot started “Due to the short sector nature of this flight …”. I was wondering why he didnt just say “Because this is a short flight …”. And as I wondered, I missed what the rest of his announcement was. I thought it was a good reminder to try and make sure that communication is clear, and that we dont lose track of what the key message is.

Continue reading

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Gordon’s weekly message



As I’m in Sydney on Friday and Saturday (at a Synod Standing Committee meeting) you are getting the weekly email a day early. I hope it helps with your planning!

This Sunday the UnitingCare Kippax leadership – Board members and staff – are leading our 830 and 1030 services. Martin J Cowling will be speaking about our journey alongside people in our community. Continue reading

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Join us on Sat 29 August to celebrate the West Belconnen community!


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Annual Reports

Our Annual Reports are now available.
You can read them at http://kippax.org.au/governance-and-annual-reports/

Our Annual General Meeting is on Sunday 30 August – 4:30pm for a 5pm start, including dinner. Continue reading

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Gordon’s weekly message



After a wonderful time of snow earlier this week (Did any of you get Frozen? Do you want to build a snowman?) I am writing this on one of Canberra’s glorious sunny winter days. I hope you are keeping well and that you are ready for the coming spring. Continue reading

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Hannah’s weekly message



There will be a Memorial service on Saturday (tomorrow) for Wally Holm, at 2pm. Afternoon tea will be hosted by Kippax after the service, so please bring a plate to share.

Sunday at 2.30pm Rosemary Myers will be commissioned as Pastor within the UCA Hospital Chaplaincy Team at the Chapel Building 3, Level 2 Canberra Hospital Yamba Drive Garran. Everyone is welcome. Light refreshments will follow.

This Sunday morning in the 945, we will be making mixing and cooking several of loaves of bread. Come ready to be part of Heaven’s Kitchen, with Gordon Ramsay. Continue reading

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It’s all part of growing up

Many of you may be aware
that when different Councils of the UCA gather to make decisions
we do it by what is called a consensus model.

It’s based on the idea that God doesn’t tell half the room one thing
and the other half something else
And so if there is a substantive difference of opinion,
the likelihood is that we have more work to do
in hearing what it is that God has to say.
Continue reading

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Gordon’s weekly message

soup and rolls


After a time in Perth for the UCA National Assembly, and then 10 days sick, I am finally back on deck. It’s good to be back.

Please remember that this coming Sunday is the first Sunday in August and therefore it’s lunch day. Continue reading

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Hannah’s weekly message


Who likes the smell of freshly baked bread first thing in the morning?

This week we welcome back John Emmett who will be sharing in our 830 and 1030 services on the theme of “bread” and seeing “beyond the bread”. I hope it will feed you all. Continue reading

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Hannah’s weekly message

Jane Keogh

This Sunday – we are blessed to have Sister Jane Keogh and Ingrid Hatfield with us to talk on the theme of “taking risks”. They will each share about experiences that have invited them to step out in faith. Come and hear from these inspiring women of faith! Continue reading

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Next Garage Sale – Sat 27 June!

Garage Sale

It’s now less than three weeks until our next garage sale!  If you’re after a simple way to help out, you could put a copy of the attached poster up in your neighbourhood or at work to help spread the word.

Click here to download: A3 flyer Kippax Garage Sale June 2015

If you’re interested in volunteering at the sale but are not sure what it’s all about you may be interested in an optional orientation session we’re holding for new volunteers.  The session will be in the Kippax Uniting Church auditorium at 3pm on Saturday 20 June and will go for no more than an hour.

The Garage sale will be held on Saturday 27 June from 8am – 1pm.

For more information see our Garage Sale page.

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Gordon’s weekly message

Man cries as he walks on the street while passing through a damaged statue of Lord Buddha a day after an earthquake in Bhaktapur


This weekend we are continuing our times of considering how we are writing our “next chapters” in the post-Easter story. So many thanks to Bec and to Beattie who shared part of their ‘chapters’ with us last Sunday. Continue reading

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Hannah’s weekly message


This week has been a bit wet and wild, hasn’t it!

As the autumn leaves fall (in some areas, the trees fall!) and Canberra gets colder, we look forward to gathering together again to hear the stories of people in our community. Continue reading

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Gordon’s weekly message


Some of you may have heard the ABC666 Drive program yesterday around 5pm when there was an interview with Zoe Marshall. You may have also heard part of Zoe’s story in the media a couple of weeks back. Continue reading

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Kippax Submission to the ACT Concessions Review

The ACT Government has been conducting a consultation into its Concessions Program (see http://www.timetotalk.act.gov.au/consultations/?engagement=public-consultation-on-the-expenditure-review-of-the-act-concessions-program)

As part of our ongoing advocacy and support for people who are at risk in our community, we have made a submission to this process.  Our submission can be found at Kippax- Concessions submission [1]

We look forward to continuing to work with the ACT Government to ensure that all people in the community have the chance to live a decent life

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Gordon and Hannah’s weekly message


Easter is always a very special time at Kippax. Our services work across the depths of the experience of our human condition and the story that lies at the heart of the Christian faith.

This weekend is involving a great many people at Kippax. Thank you (in advance) to all the people who have been or will be involved in the planning and the leading of the services. Continue reading

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Easter Services 2015



Easter is always a very special time at Kippax.
Our services work across the depths of the experience of our human condition and the story that lies at the heart of the Christian faith.

Continue reading

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Gordon’s weekly message



We have journeyed through our time of Lent, and in our small groups we have been experiencing a range of experiences of prayer. It has been deliberately to help focus our attention on the next week, as we recall and remember the last few days of Jesus life – and then his death and resurrection. Continue reading

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Gordon’s weekly message

rally for refugees


Lent is racing on. Only a couple of weeks away from Easter and so our services are very much focussed on the later part of the journey.

Last week we were reminded of the identity of God and of the purpose of Jesus’s life – Love. God loved SO MUCH. Continue reading

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Lent begins


Today marks the beginning of our Lenten journey. There will be an Ash Wednesday service at Kippax tonight at 8pm. This will be a contemplative service where you will be invited to walk the prayer labyrinth and enter into the story of Jesus. We will walk the journey through the season of “inward searching” that is Lent. Continue reading

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Hannah’s weekly message

This weekend (Feb 15) we celebrate Transfiguration Sunday, remembering the mountaintop moment when Jesus “changed” and the disciples experienced God’s presence in an amazing way! When have you had a “mountain top moment” like this? Continue reading

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Gordon’s weekly message


This coming Sunday we are really in for a special treat.

Bishop Ian Lambert – the Anglican Bishop in Defence – will be speaking at both our 830 and 1030 services. Continue reading

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February at Kippax

One of the commitments that we make as a congregation to those starting Year 11, is that we will support them through their schooling in ways that are most helpful and practical. This includes tutoring or study assistance. We are a very fortunate and gifted congregation here, and can cover just about everything that people are studying. In the past this has proved extremely helpful for a number of our young students. So … please help!!

Are you willing to be available if needed to help our young people through times in Year 11 & 12? It is a great way to establish relationships and meet some really interesting young people!! Can you help with any subject if called on? Maths? Physics? Legal Studies? English? Drama? Languages? Anything?? Continue reading

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Celebrating Indigenous Spirituality – concert

Johnny Huckle

Join us for an Evening of Song and Reflection with Johnny Huckle and Friends
Kippax Uniting Church, Luke Street, Holt
Saturday 21 February 2015 at 7.30 pm Continue reading

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Dying to know: “Death Cafe”

Coming up – Death Café, Sunday February 15, 5-7pm at KUCC. The death café is a small, friendly and informal gathering in a relaxed café environment to discuss death in order to lead a fuller life. What are you dying to know? Continue reading

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Transitions Sunday – celebrating start of school year 1 February 2015


Continue reading

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Kippax is now on Twitter


Follow us now on Twitter: @kippaxUC

You can also follow Gordon Ramsay: @Gordon_R_Ramsay

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At home Advent responses Week 4

Lego Love banner

Week 4 – Love in the midst of rejection

Mary proclaimed: “God’s mercy is from generation to generation.  He has lifted up the lowly”. There is no reality of rejection by God. But instead, God’s love knows no bounds, no ends, no limits.

Whatever we face in life, God’s steadfast love surrounds us. Continue reading

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Gordon’s weekly message

This Sunday we start our single, combined worship services – 930am eachSunday through to (& including) 18 January.

This week our theme is “Love in the midst of Rejection”

Our times over Christmas mean that there are a range of opportunities for coming together to celebrate: Continue reading

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At home Advent responses Week 3

Joy Advent candle

Week 3 – Joy in the midst of despair – may you feel a sense of transforming joy

When all is empty and all semblance of life is gone, God is not yet finished.  The story is not yet complete.  There is still space for joy. We celebrate the One who has come, is coming and will come again. Continue reading

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Gordon’s weekly message

I hope you have been finding the Advent responses on our website each week – and finding them helpful

This week is the 3rd week of Advent and we are continuing in our season of contrasts. This week’s theme is “Joy in the midst of Despair”
It has been, as always, an absolute privilege to be part of the Kippax Christmas Appeal, and see some of the ways that joy has been brought into people’s lives over the past few days. Thank you for everyone’s involvement – no matter what form it has taken this year. Continue reading

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At home Advent responses Week 2

Peace Advent candle 2

Week 2 – Peace in the midst of conflict
May you feel the sense of unexpected peace

The prophet wrote
“Comfort, comfort my people. Speak tenderly to them
 and let them know that they have served their term”.

Even while conflict continues around us, God offers a different way. God calls us to breathe in the holy breath of peace. Continue reading

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Gordon’s weekly message

Street view Kippax

As the season of Advent contrast continues, we are getting ready for what is to come.

Did you check out the Kippax website this week?

Advent reflections will be posted on the Kippax website www.kippax.org.au. Each of the reflections will have two contrasting responses. These reflections aim to give an opportunity for response no matter where you are in life at this time of year. This week’s reflections reflect on hope in hopelessness.

How are you feeling as we approach Christmas? Continue reading

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At-home Advent responses – Week 1

Advent 2014 candles

Advent 2014  – A Season of Contrasts

Advent is a time of preparation, of getting ready, of counting down to Christmas! It can be exciting and life giving, or overwhelming and distressing. 

Each of the reflections will have 2 suggestions for response that are pastoral (internally focussed reflections) or missional (outwardly focussed actions). These Advent reflections aim to give an opportunity for response no matter where you are in life at this time of year.

As you journey through Advent, may you experience a sense of defiant Hope, unexpected Peace, transforming Joy, and the warmth of Love that Christ brings.  Continue reading

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Where you can drop off toy donations

toys at christmas

Toys can be dropped off to the following locations:

Target Belconnen (UnitingCare appeal): 18 Benjamin Way, Belconnen ACT 2617 – take to lay-by desk

Target Civic (UnitingCare appeal)  Canberra City Centre, Akuna Avenue, Canberra ACT take to lay-by desk

Continue reading

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Advent 1 – Words of hope

The dawn of the new church year starts with Advent.   Advent starts with hope.
It’s the right way to begin, because all good possibilities in life start with hope.
Their gestation may be carried in pain,
but the possibilities and the new beginnings start with hope.

In the midst of cloudy times and the loss of a homeland,  Jeremiah proclaims hope

Now to be honest Jeremiah isn’t a prophet well known for positivity
and the words are spoken while Jerusalem is under siege
but still he gives a promise from God –
there will be something new, and it will be justice in the land

On the day that MLK was shot -in fact only about 3 hours after his death,
Robert Kennedy spoke to a rally in Indianapolis.
To a group of people who were devastated at the assassination,
and ready to riot, Robert said

“What we need is not hatred.   What we need is not violence and lawlessness
but love and wisdom and compassion toward one another.
A feeling of justice toward those who still suffer within our community.”

Great words – but not just words
That night riots broke out in more than 100 cities.
But not in Indianapolis.  Not one.
Because hope is more than a word.

There are some great words of hope
in the stories of people nominated for the young human rights awards this year:
The  Young Australian of the Year Drisana Levitzke-Gray,
is the fifth generation of Deaf women in her family.
Growing up in a deaf community and being exposed to Auslan from birth has meant
that she has always been acutely aware
of her rights and the inequalities facing her community

It has inspired her to become an ardent champion of her first language.

“Currently, the stigma in the medical field is that if a Deaf child learns Auslan,
they will never be able to speak
and they will not grow up to be successful and independent

Drisana first took action against the inequalities
facing the Deaf community in high-school,

recalling an incident where she was forced to demand captioning
on a program her teacher was showing to the class.

“There was a problem that needed to be solved,
it wasn’t about the people involved at all…

it was about the lack of accessibility
and my right to access information equally to everybody else

“Since then” she says,
“I guess, I have been on a crusade to right every wrong in this world

that myself and the Deaf community face.”

That’s the action of hope

Or there is Adam Schwartz,
who found himself becoming a spokesperson for mental illness
after battling depression and being personally affected by the stigma surrounding it. 

Adam commented “The doctors had always said ‘you’re not alone, everyone out there is suffering’. So he  thought ‘well if everyone is suffering, where are they?’”. 

Following his recovery and after volunteering at a mental health organisation,
Adam resolved that he had a responsibility to give back.
This led him to write his self-published book, ‘mum, i wish i was dead’.

“For me, it was always if one life is affected, then it was worth everything,” says Adam,
“everyone has the right to feel good, to wake up and be happy”.

That’s the action of hope

When people are here collecting Christmas hampers and gifts in a couple of weeks time
there is more that is being provided that food and toys.
It is a community which is speaking actions of defiant hope.

Because we do not believe that a person’s right to joy and celebration
should depend on their income levels

And we do not believe that a parent’s opportunity to share with generosity
should be marred by mental health or the loss of employment

And we do not believe that a child’s opportunity to experience wonder and excitement
should be held back by their parents’ relationship breakdown

That’s the action of hope

In the book, movie and musical The Secret Garden  two children Dickon and Mary
are exploring a wonderful hidden garden.
It seems to Mary that the branches of the trees and bushes are dead.
Over and over again they are described as “gray”.

But Dickon knows something else.
He takes his pocket knife and cuts into one of the branches.
Inside, there is a sign of promise, a sign of hope.
Inside he finds a shoot which was brownish green, instead of hard dry gray.

That’s the sign that hope is real.

There are stories within you and stories around you
that demonstrate that hope is not just a word.

Hope is never cheap.
It takes energy, because it requires us to see something that isn’t yet obvious
It takes imagination.   It takes determination.

But whether it is with the inspiration of Jeremiah
or Robert Kennedy, or Drisana, or Adam, or Dickon or Mary
we are called to see hope, speak hope, hear hope and live hope.

It is not just a word.
It is a living reality



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Reign of Christ – not about us!

About a week and a half ago a lady brought in a donation for the Kippax Christmas Appeal
It was one of three similar donations that she is making this year
to different organisations around Canberra.

The lady works in the kitchen of one of Canberra’s schools
This is the donation she brought to us


Around the same time,
I was contacted by a funeral director to conduct the funeral of the father
of a parent who was involved with the Kippax Kids playgroups around 15 years ago.

When the funeral notice went into the paper,
I noticed that the request to mourners was,
In lieu of flowers, please make donations to UnitingCare Kippax.

It is good for us to remember the generosity that we live amongst every day.

The Festival of Christ the King –
or Reign of Christ Sunday as it is more commonly known now –
is a strange one.

Most festivals are either based on events in the life of Jesus
(or, like Lent and Advent, helping us to prepare for them)
Or they are saints days.
One (Trinity Sunday) is a celebration of a theological doctrine.
Yes, we are a bit weird like that.

But the Reign of Christ is an overtly political festival and affirmation.
It was proclaimed in 1925
in the aftermath of the first world war and the clear rise of facism

Pius XI said:
Since the close of the Great War individuals, the different classes of society,
the nations of the earth have not as yet found true peace…
the old rivalries between nations have not ceased to exert their influence…
the nations of today live in a state of armed peace
which is scarcely better than war itself,

a condition which tends to exhaust national finances,
to waste the flower of youth, to muddy and poison the very fountainheads of life,
physical, intellectual, religious, and moral

This festival – which is celebrated on the last Sunday of the Church calendar (today) –
calls us to consider the world in which we live, and our place and our lives.

It is very easy for us at the moment to hear the stories from Mali, from Paris, from Beirut,
and to lament the world in which we live
and to think how much better it would all be if the world could just be a bit more Christian.

When we do that, it is easy to think that
the church then has something special –
a different spirit, a different character, to the rest of the world
and when we drop ourselves in the world
slowly the impact of this spirit flows from us.

But let’s also think about it this way:

One of the thoughts that goes on in and around churches
is an invitation for the church to consider two key things:

Firstly – how it is that we are attending to our ‘internal’ life.
The second  – how are we attending to our ‘external’ life

Maybe there is something in this in terms of church planning
though I think the distinction
between “internal” and “external” is ultimately extremely unhelpful.

But ultimately the main difficulty I have with this is that it places the focus on the church.
It runs the huge risk of becoming “all about us”

And if there is one legacy I would LOVE to leave Kippax with when I finish next year
is the sense that it is not about us.

The spirit of God fills this world and the church in its many forms has a bit part.
An important part, but a bit part none the less.

The festival of the Reign of Christ
is a reminder that the spirit of God does not reside in the church
and eke out like ink from a sponge into a vast amount of water.
The spirit of God, the movement of God,
the way of God fills and envelopes the whole world.

The Council and the congregation have together affirmed this calling:

Screen Shot 2015-11-21 at 11.48.34 AM

But if you notice, it may or may not distinguish us from anyone else.

The Church Council had a really meaningful time recently
recalling the story of the lady with the gift donation,
and the family with the funeral donations
and flipping our call around
to remind ourselves of how truly blessed we are
to live in a world where we are recipients of each and every one of these statements.

The Reign of Christ.
It is here.   By no means is it fully here.
But it is here nonetheless.

Together we celebrate it, welcome it, receive it, and foster it

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