Vision, mission and values

Our strategic plan arises from our vision, mission, values and goals as an organisation.

Summary of vision

  • We are called to be an integrated faith community, expressed in many different ways
  • We are called to live out our following of the way of Jesus through relationships.
  • We are called to sustain people in their living and be an agent of transformation of community.
  • We are called to empower and equip people for all aspects of their living.

Our mission

We are called to create a loving, nurturing community, growing a deeper faith in God through Christ Jesus.

Our values

  • Respect: Each person is created in the image of God and because of that we already have many capacities. We believe in building capacity in people.
  • People-centred:We believe in the primacy of relationships.
  • Compassion: We are motivated by a heart of compassion, not because we expect to get anything in return.
  • Integrity: We will work honesty and ethically; our actions will reflect core values.
  • Engagement with life: Our faith has individual, communal, organisational and global implications. We will work in each of those areas.
  • Community building and collaboration: We will work together with others for the mutual benefit of both organizations and the individuals/community which is served. We do not believe in “competing” with other churches, organizations or agencies.

Who are we and who are we called to be?
The Church Council’s Directions document published in August 2014:  kippax-vision-where-the-yeast-of-love-will-rise-final.pdf