Preparing the Way

For many of us, ageing presents lots of new opportunities: travel; time with friends and family (especially grandchildren); new hobbies or interests.   It’s also the time when we should be making preparations to make the years less stressful.

Preparing the Way is a series of 5 Seminars that will help us to do just that:

25 October             COTA ACT (Council on the Aging) will give an overview of the sorts of things we should be considering as we age, and the services they provide to older Canberrans.

1 November          ACT Health will run the session on Advance Health Care Planning.  the aim is to help us to plan for our future health care, and for a time we may no longer be able to communicate those decisions themselves.

8 November          All about Funerals.  No longer do funerals have to be stiff and formal.  This session will provide information about what happens leading up to the funeral, and creative and personalized ways you can remember the life of your loved one.

15 November       Judy Morris, from Judy Morris & Associates, will talk with us about the importance of effective Estate Planning.

22 November       Andrew Mead, coordinating Chaplain at The Canberra Hospital, will talk with us about the inevitable grief and loss associated with aging.

Each seminar will allow us time to be in conversation with each other as we share our own experiences, our hopes and our fears.

Each Seminar will run from 2.30pm til 4.20pm and will be held at the Kippax Uniting Community Centre.  They are open to anyone who is interested.

In order to cover costs, sessions will cost $5 each, or $20 for all five.