Overseas aid

At Kippax, we believe that we should be caring for all of the world, and so we participate in mission  activities that benefit communities abroad as we  as locally.

We are involved in working for the eradication of slavery throughout the world.  We have been  active participants in the boycott of chocolate companies that do not support Fair Trade and Slave Free products.  Purchases of Fair Trade coffee and tea can be arranged by contacting the office for further information.  We are strong supporters of TEAR, Lent Event and Christmas Bowl.

Each year, 10% of the offerings received in our worship service goes beyond the life of Kippax to support ministry in other parts of Australia and across the world.  In recent years, this has included Scripture Union, Dan Muwanguzi and the School for Biblical Studies in Uganda, and assisting our own Marcel Berthon in his trip as a volunteer to spend some time working in an orphanage in Vietnam.