Introduction to Mandalas

AN INTRODUCTION TO MANDALAS. Mandala’ is the Sanskrit word for ‘circle’. Within many traditions, the mandala is a sacred symbol of the spiritual journey. Mandalas can be found all around us in nature and in architecture and art. The creation of mandalas can be used to help bring wholeness and healing to a person’s life. It can also be used as a spiritual tool.

At this workshop, run by Rev Cathie Lambert, you will create a mandala of your own. You may not walk away with a piece to put in a gallery, but hopefully you will have enjoyed some time going deeper within yourself.

When: Friday 31 August from 1pm – 4pmcathie's mandala
Where: Kippax Uniting Community Centre
Cost: only $40 per person.

There are still a few spaces, so to register just send an email to


Cathie’s book A Mandala a Month will also be available for purchase for $33.

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