Let’s give everyone a Christmas

Yes, it’s time for our annual Christmas campaign!

As many of you know, during November UnitingCare Kippax gives everyone the opportunity for people to donate a hamper bag of groceries to help support families in our community who are doing it tough. While these families may be able to make ends meet during the year, additional expenses that occur at Christmas, or when there are health problems, or loss of a job, they simply cannot stretch the family budget far enough. The hamper of food and toys we are able to provide means that they can celebrate Christmas.
So if you can come and collect an empty hamper bag or two, fill it with the items listed on the bag, and return it by the 10th of December that would be fantastic! The food listed comes in at just over $30 if you shop at Aldi. If you would prefer to give the money for someone else to do the shop, there will be envelopes available from Sunday 12th of Novemberchristmas hamper.png.

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