Anti-Poverty Week Challenge

Each year Australia recognizes Anti-Poverty Week in October to raise awareness about poverty and its implications.  Each year Kippax has an Anti-Poverty Week activity.

This year it’s a Challenge!healthy food

Did you know that a recent report shows that a family of 4 needs upwards of $200 per week for food in order to live a healthy life?  But people on the dole get about $100 a week less than is needed for that healthy standard.

Do you remember the Chef’s Challenge or the Masterchef Mystery Box?  This year we’re having the Healthy, Easy, Cheap Mystery Box Challenge!

We’re looking for people who want to work out healthy recipes for a week’s meals for a family of 4 from the list of ingredients given by our nutrition students currently on placement at  Kippax.  These ingredients are your mystery box.

The students will run an information session.  Then during Anti-Poverty Week we’ll get together and cook up a couple of the recipes for us all to share.  In the meantime we’ll have bought the ingredients and boxed them with your recipes.  The boxes will then be given to as many families as there are people participating – so the more people who join the challenge, the more families who’ll receive support.

are you interested?  Want a fun way to help out a family who needs a little bit of extra support?  Do you think you can arrange a week’s meals on ingredients that will cost you no more than $100?  Contact Meg or Michael as soon as possible (Mon-Fri) to indicate your participation.  We’ll give you more info when you do.  (6254 1733)

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