#LetThemStay – Sanctuary for the 267 Asylum Seekers

Today the Kippax Uniting Church Council sent a letter to the Chairperson of the Canberra Region Presbytery to affirm the actions of the Canberra Region Presbytery, the Uniting Church Assembly, UnitingJustice Australia, other Uniting Church congregations, and the many other Churches across Australia in their public declaration that they would offer sanctuary to the 267 asylum seekers – including 37 babies – to prevent their return to Nauru.
It is the position of the Church Council that, in light of our Gospel values, it is right to make a stand for the sake of our neighbours who seek asylum. Every human being is made in the image of God. We as a Church have a responsibility to protect and care for them as human beings
Therefore, the Kippax Uniting Church Council stands with the Presbytery and other congregations and will seek to protect these people who are fleeing from persecution. This is a moral issue that cannot be ignored.
We offer to provide sanctuary to this group of most vulnerable people “with open doors, open hearts, and open tables”.
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