This weekend at Kippax

rain in summer

Reign of Christ rains…


Go and drink a glass of water – it is really hot!! And then come back to the email …

This weekend is an upside down celebration for the church across the world. It is the Reign of Christ (formerly called “Christ the King” Sunday). It was established at the height of facism last century as a confronting overtly political statement that the way of Christ was not about power, or violence or domination. The movement that we are part of, and the reign that we look to is of welcome, of inclusion, of peace, of justice. We do not overcome violence with violence. We do not overcome fear with domination. We look to – and we celebrate – the reign of Christ.

This Sunday at 830 and 1030 we are considering what this reign looks like, what it feels like and how we are already surrounded by it.

In the 945 service our spelling lets us down a bit and we look to the rain of Christ. Come ready for a spray or two.

We are also heading into the time of Advent.

On Nov 29 we begin the Advent theme of “the word made flesh”. A time of eager anticipation and hope. There will be activities and reflections available for during the week as well as our times on Sundays. 3 quite different services each day – 830 will be contemplative and reflective. 945 will be interactively all aged. 1030 will be exploratory.

We are looking for Christmas catalogues for use as part of our Advent worship. Please save them (if you happen to get any in the letterbox!) and bring them in for us. Please pass them to Hannah or myself, or leave them at the front office during the week for us.

And please also remember the Advent workshop on the afternoon of Nov 29: a time of stories, crafts, activities and food. Ready ready ready ….

Grace and peace


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