Kippax this Sunday



This is such a wonderful weekend of celebration coming up

In our 945 service we are celebrating the baptism of May Maroske and her (& Peter’s) son Matt. One baptism in a service is a great event, but two is simply wonderful. Both adult and infant baptisms are celebrations of God’s grace and our responses, and to have the joy of both happening at the one time is a congregational highlight. I hope you are able to be there in the 945 service this week to take part.In our 830 and 1030 services, Meg Richens is leading us as we consider the ministry of UnitingCare Kippax and the call through Jeremiah to live in the community: for its health is your health.

And in that thinking – the Draft Master Plan for the Kippax precinct has just been released and is open for comment until 5 February. I invite and encourage you to have a look, a read and to consider how it is that the current planning aids (or doesnt) the development of a strong, healthy community. Please be involved in the consultation

Finally – our Christmas Appeal launch has been re-scheduled and will now be this coming Tuesday at 10am out at Kippax in our foyer. Please feel free to come along and be part of this important time for us all

Grace and peace


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