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Mr Bean's Chariot


On a flight back from Sydney this morning, an announcement from the pilot started “Due to the short sector nature of this flight …”. I was wondering why he didnt just say “Because this is a short flight …”. And as I wondered, I missed what the rest of his announcement was. I thought it was a good reminder to try and make sure that communication is clear, and that we dont lose track of what the key message is.

On Sunday morning this week we being reminded again of the key message of the gospel: grace.

In our 830 and 1030 services, Chariots of Fire (though not the Mr Bean version) will be helping us re-consider what grace means. We will be celebrating communion as part of the 1030 service.

In the 945 service, Hannah will be leading us and thinking about games and rules.

Please remember that our AGM is on this Sunday evening. It will start at 4.30 over drinks and conversations (and voting for our Church Council membership). The (slightly) more ‘formal’ meeting will start at 5pm and include a dinner and some dinner entertainment. Everyone is welcome.

If you would like to make a financial contribution towards dinner, there will be a box (maybe a suggestion of $20 for the dinner). But YOU are much much more important than the finance contribution.

Each month we have a special focus for our requests for the EFMA program. EFMA supports people who are struggling with financial (& other) difficulties in their lives. As part of the support we offer, we regularly provide food that can help while household finances are tight.

For next month, we are celebrating SOUP-tember  If you are able to purchase some tinned or packeted soup and leave it at the box in the back of the auditorium, that would be a great help while the cold of winter winds its way out of our lives again this year.

Thanks again for your ongoing involvement in the life of the Kippax community.

Grace and peace

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