Gordon’s weekly message



After a wonderful time of snow earlier this week (Did any of you get Frozen? Do you want to build a snowman?) I am writing this on one of Canberra’s glorious sunny winter days. I hope you are keeping well and that you are ready for the coming spring.

This Sunday we have a very special time with Mark Berry (from the UK) joining us in the 1030 service. Mark has a great deal of experience in new expressions and forms of the church, as people explore how to follow the timeless ways of grace, justice, compassion and love made real in Jesus. This is a great opportunity for us at Kippax. Dont miss it. Please also note that Mark will be leading an ecumenical gathering on “Life behind the hype” on Sunday afternoon from 3-5pm at the Australian Centre for Christianity and Culture in Barton.

John Williams and I will be leading Kippax’s 830 service, and during the 945 service we will be celebrating communion together.

The second volume in our Annual Report will be available by the end of today. It will be published at https://kippax.org.au/governance-and-annual-reports/ and there will be some hard copies available on Sunday morning for those who cant access it on the internet.

The second volume has the reports from the Chairs of our three Governance bodies, and also the finance reports and budgets.

Our Annual General meeting is on Sunday 30 August, 4.30pm for drinks and conversations and a 5pm start. It will be over dinner

At the AGM we won’t be going into detailed conversations in an effort to understand or clarify the finances or the budgets (or other activities).

If you have a question that you can ask before the meeting (especially if there is something that you feel you dont understand), please do that.

Questions about things to do with UnitingCare Kippax (including finances) should be sent to Meg Richens: eo@kippax.org.au

Questions about things to do with the congregation’s finances should be sent to Barry Mewett: barry.mewett@bigpond.com

Questions about things to do with the congregation’s ministry should be sent to Hannah Dungan: hannah@kippax.org.au

Finally,  the nominations for the Church Council positions have now closed. There are five positions available for election at the AGM. For a person to be elected to the Church Council, they must receive more than 50% of the votes that are cast.

There are five people who have been nominated. Please think and pray carefully regarding the role of the Council and our discernment together about those whom we will appoint as key leaders in our life together.

The people who have been nominated are Jenny McCombe, Joan Scott, Joel Pearce, John Williams, and Peter Kidd.

I look forward to seeing you this weekend

Grace and peace


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