Gordon’s weekly message

soup and rolls


After a time in Perth for the UCA National Assembly, and then 10 days sick, I am finally back on deck. It’s good to be back.

Please remember that this coming Sunday is the first Sunday in August and therefore it’s lunch day. We are going to be having great winter soup, starting at around 11.30 ish. If you are there for one of the services, please stay or come back. If you arent there for one of the services, please feel free to come just for the lunch. They are great opportunities for us to build even stronger relationships across different parts of the Kippax community. There are inevitably people here whom you dont know and who dont know you very well. While we will never all know everyone equally well, the lunches are one of the ways that we can build out networks and friendships even more strongly.

This Sunday in all of our services we are looking at Ephesians 4:1-16, and what it means to be part of the body – Different Gifts yet we are one. You will find some wonderful acting skills being displayed in our 945 service, (though of course I wouldnt like to single out James or Andrew- oops). In the words of Ben Lee, (or inspired by High School Musical) “We are all in this Together”

Please remember that our AGM is coming up on the last weekend of August. One of the things that occurs at our AGM is the election of new members of the Church Council. Nominations are now open and will close on 13 August. The nomination forms are available in the Auditorium and a nomination box will be available this weekend. Nominations need to be signed by 2 people and by the person being nominated. Please consider prayerfully who may be being called to be one of the Church Councillors at Kippax – the Councillors are those who have the responsibility for the discernment of the direction for us here at Kippax, and the broad oversight of our ministry and service. They aren’t the people who plan what we do – they are the group who considers who we are.

Each month, we conduct a specific appeal for donations of items that support people in our Emergency Relief program. In August – often Canberra’s coldest and this is already a cold winter – we are asking for materials for hot drinks. Tea, coffee, hot chocolate etc. If you are able to afford any of these items, please put them in the basket in the auditoriums

And finally, coming up in a couple of weeks … Mark Berry, all the way from the UK, is coming to Canberra Aug 15-17. Mark will be here with us at Kippax, preaching on August 16 at the 1030 service. Mark is known for his passion for “Fresh Expressions of Church” and his book is “The New Monasticism Handbook”. Put that in your diary for one of our special times! For more details about Mark, please speak to Hannah – hannah@kippax.org.au

Looking forward to seeing you soon

Grace and peace


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