Hannah’s weekly message


This week has been a bit wet and wild, hasn’t it!

As the autumn leaves fall (in some areas, the trees fall!) and Canberra gets colder, we look forward to gathering together again to hear the stories of people in our community.

Throughout the Easter season we are “putting ourselves into the story” and having different people sharing each week their chapter of the Easter story. So far we have has Zoe Marshall, Joan Scott, Zac Hatfield-Dodds, and Michael Nurmi share.

This Sunday morning we will have Beattie Hatifield and Bec Freeman share a chapter of their story.

It is also Good Shepherd Sunday – a time to celebrate the One who nurtures, guides and protects. Will we follow where God leads?

What is your story? How are you living out the hope that Easter brings? If you have a story of faith, hope, love to share – we are interested in hearing from you too!

Email: Hannah@kippax.org.au


Hannah D

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