February at Kippax

One of the commitments that we make as a congregation to those starting Year 11, is that we will support them through their schooling in ways that are most helpful and practical. This includes tutoring or study assistance. We are a very fortunate and gifted congregation here, and can cover just about everything that people are studying. In the past this has proved extremely helpful for a number of our young students. So … please help!!

Are you willing to be available if needed to help our young people through times in Year 11 & 12? It is a great way to establish relationships and meet some really interesting young people!! Can you help with any subject if called on? Maths? Physics? Legal Studies? English? Drama? Languages? Anything??

Can you help with general study skills? Proof reading? Exam preparation? Ways of dealing with school stress?

Our current list is out of date, and we need to have it ready for our next group of Year 11s. (There are 3 of our Kippax community starting Year 11 in just a few days)

Please email to hannah@kippax.org.au with whatever it is that you may be willing to offer.

As we celebrate the start of the school year, we are also coming up to another transition – into a new season in the church year: Lent!

Can you believe Lent is only a couple of weeks away!!

We will be celebrating with our annual PANCAKE DAY Feb 17 and ASH WEDNESDAY service on Feb 18.

Throughout Lent, in our worship services and in our Lenten small groups, will be focussing on “The Art and Practise of Prayer”. We will be considering what prayer means and how we regain a practise that is at the core of who we are. For more information and the chance to sign up to a small group for Lent, write your name down on the list on Sunday or email Hannah@kippax.org.au

Other dates for the diary include:
FEB 8 Annual KUC Hymn-singing, 7pm.
FEB 15 Death Cafe, 5-7pm – In a comfortable, safe, small group environment, this is an opportunity to discuss issues around death and dying including sharing experiences of supporting someone who is dying or has lost a loved one, so that we can be more comfortable in having these discussions.
FEB 21 Johnny Huckle Concert – an evening of song and reflection celebrating indigenous spirituality
FEB 28 Garage sale, 8:30am-1:30pm

Hannah D

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