Gordon’s weekly message

Rohan at piano

I wonder where you are as you read this email. Some of you are back at work (and have been for weeks now). Others are scattered across the country (and beyond from what I can tell) still on breaks. Our reading for this week has Nathanael sitting under a tree. That sounds a good idea to me (have you been up to the Arboretum lately?)Things are certainly back and running here at Kippax. Holiday Happenings, Line Dancers, Exercise Groups, Walking Groups, Times for parents and children to get together. No longer the days when everything shuts down for the entire month of January.

If you can help with the Holiday Happenings coming up this Thursday, please fill out the clip sheet on Sunday, or email erin@kippax.org.au

Plus we are just around the corner from our Transition Sunday – 1 February. On that day we will be celebrating with people who are starting Pre-School, Kindergarten, changing schools, heading into Year 7, Year 11 or Post school life. And there are LOTS!! Please check the sheet at the back of the auditorium if someone you know is in one of those categories, or email Annette@kippax.org.au.

This Sunday is a special transition as well – both exciting and sad. Rohan Fox will be leaving very soon to move to become a lecturer in Economics at the University of Papua New Guinea. This is his last Sunday with us (at least for a while). Rohan is a loved and valued member of the congregation – who also happens to be one of the most brilliant musicians you are likely to come across. We will miss him – and we send our love and our prayers with him.

As well as marking the time of change for Rohan this Sunday in our combined service at 930, we are looking at looking. Our reading invites us to consider what we see and how we look at others. I look forward to seeing you on Sunday.

Grace and peace


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