Preparation for Christmas Eve


In the week leading up to Christmas, we will be posting an assortment of videos, articles and images which all relate to our Christmas Eve service this year. As you probably know, the details of our Christmas Eve service are always a secret so we won’t be giving you a lot of context to the material that’s here but browsing it may add to your experience of the evening with images to help you visualise things on the night and articles to provoke thought on the theme.

Our goal is to post material two to three times a day up until Christmas Eve.  Check back regularly for new items.

The materials will be posted on a new companion website we are trailing, called, “Kippax Faith at Home“, which will soon become a place where we will regularly post lots of activities, videos, reflections and articles that you and your family can use to think and talk together about spiritual issues, explore Christian practices, and grow in your own faith, in your own time and your own home.



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