Gordon’s weekly message

I hope you have been finding the Advent responses on our website each week – and finding them helpful

This week is the 3rd week of Advent and we are continuing in our season of contrasts. This week’s theme is “Joy in the midst of Despair”
It has been, as always, an absolute privilege to be part of the Kippax Christmas Appeal, and see some of the ways that joy has been brought into people’s lives over the past few days. Thank you for everyone’s involvement – no matter what form it has taken this year.

I hope you have your costume or outfit ready. This Sunday is our Very Kippax Christmas at 945. Everyone is invited to come as some aspect of the Christmas story. Our guest narrator is all lined up and ready, and we hope you are as well!!

In our 830 and 1030 services, we will be exploring where it is that we find the joy in our lives – even in the midst of despair.

And then we are in to our final week of Advent and our Christmas times

On Sunday 21 December, we start our single, combined services of worship – 930on Sundays. (We will start our 3 services again on Jan 25)

On Christmas Eve, we have our Stories for children and the young at heart, starting at 4pm – please see Hannah for details

And our Christmas Eve service – Journey to Bethlehem – starting at 11pm

Our Christmas Day service is at 9am

As your year winds down (and also gears up) for this Christmas time, may you know the depth of God’s presence at all times

Grace and peace

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