At-home Advent responses – Week 1

Advent 2014 candles

Advent 2014  – A Season of Contrasts

Advent is a time of preparation, of getting ready, of counting down to Christmas! It can be exciting and life giving, or overwhelming and distressing. 

Each of the reflections will have 2 suggestions for response that are pastoral (internally focussed reflections) or missional (outwardly focussed actions). These Advent reflections aim to give an opportunity for response no matter where you are in life at this time of year.

As you journey through Advent, may you experience a sense of defiant Hope, unexpected Peace, transforming Joy, and the warmth of Love that Christ brings. 

Week 1 Hope in the midst of hopelessness –
May you feel a sense is defiant hope

Hope is more than wishful thinking. In the midst of what may well seem and be hopeless, hope is the Spirit of God dwelling within us, reminding us we are never alone. Hope is our active commitment to be God’s faithful people, whether we walk an easy path or face fiery trials.

If you feel that you are in a place of hopelessness,  go here
If you feel that you may be in a position to be an agent of hope for someone, go here

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