At-home Advent responses – Week 1 Internal response

Week 1 Hope in the midst of hopelessness – May you feel a sense is defiant hope.

Response 1: People who feel in a place of hopelessness

Choose one of the following tools to pray through Advent using Examen. You are invited to commit to doing this each day for a week as a way of remembering the presence of God with you, in all times.

  1. Go to the “Pray as you go” website:

This website provides an introduction to the spiritual practice of Examen as well as providing guided examples for adults, children and young adults. Press the “play” button on the “Pray As You Go” page, and listen to music and audio guide as a way of assisting you in reflecting on your day.

  1. If you have an android phone, go your App Store anddownload the Phone App: Examine

The Examine app will guide you through a reflective prayer practise, asking you to rate your day on a scale from “discouraged” to “hopeful” and invite to write down the ways in which you were in “consolation” or “desolation” by asking a number of questions as prompts. Then it will allow for 5 mins quiet time to reflect and will vibrate to indicate the time has finished. You can track how “hopeful” you are becoming over advent by completing this reflection each day of Advent.

  1. Printout of Examen approach to prayer card for Advent

The Examen approach helps to reflect on God’s presence in your day and become more aware of the presence of God in your daily life. Keep the prayer card in your bag, and follow the steps as a way of searching for the “light” moments amidst the “dark” moments where you may feel in a place of hopelessness.


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