Yeast – kneading the dough

We have had lots of talk about bread over the last few weeks
But … one last time – The kingdom of god is like a woman who took some yeast and mixed it through a large amount of flour until it was thoroughly mixed in.

It’s subversive.
It’s activated
Its in the community
and in our lives,
and bubbling up for the future

But there’s still one last bit before you can bake and eat the bread.

You have to knead it.

Why?   Because the working – the kneading –
builds the strength in the bread so that it can be bread.

With a cake, if you get all the ingredients and mix them together
and then cook, you are pretty likely to get the cake to come out right.

But not with bread

If you mix all the ingredients together and then let it rise,
and then put it in the oven to bake it
the “breath” of the bread – the air throughout it – simply flows out
and it ends up flat and dense.

Kneading builds the connections in the dough
It combines proteins together, forming gluten
which gives the bread its strength.

For many years we have described ourselves in terms of community.
We have talked about our calling as to “create a loving nurturing community”

In the discernment document that the council has been working on
we describe ourselves not as a congregation or an agency, or an organisations,
but as a community of communities.

For years, for years and years,
those connections have been made
for without the connections and the working to bring people together
the breath of this place – the spirit – is not captured and held
and our strength as a people of God is gone.

So God works us together, that we might be bread.

Together in this time of worship
and later in our time of meeting together in our Annual Congregation meeting
Can I invite you to be aware of how we are being worked together,
as God kneading the dough.
What are the connections?
What are the ways that we are strengthened together?
With whom have you become more connected over the past 12 months?
With whom might you look to become more connected in this coming year?

I hope that bread is never a dull thing for you.
Over 300 times in scripture it is mentioned.
God – Make us your bread – broken for others, shared until all are fed

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