Christmas Day: building a better world

As part of your Christmas reflections, I invite you to watch

There is something about this time of year that has the ability to bring out the best in people

At Kippax over the past couple of weeks around 2000 people have been supported with food, gifts, conversations, support

This support has come pretty much entirely from people across Canberra who do  not know the people who are being helped

And when things were looking extremely dim about a week ago, and the word went out that extra help was needed, it came flooding in.

It has come from individuals of all ages

It has come from businesses and government departments

it has come from politicians
it has come from people of all backgrounds

While all of that has been happening, each day, many people who are part of this community have been spending time reflecting on things in their life and faith and how our faith is not some separate thing, but woven right into the way of life

We have been doing a lot with Lego over the past few weeks at Kippax.

Lego, and Duplo and shoe boxes and then people as building blocks

It’s a reminder about the idea of building a better world

At the front today, we have a sculpture from the words of the Advent themes

We have a nativity scene built from lego
And we have some creative construction work happening at the back

At the heart of the Christmas story,

With all the things that build up about trips to Bethlehem,
and births in stables or caves or back rooms
and choirs and shephers, and astrolgers and strange gifts
at the heart of all of that
is a reminder that the Christmas building blocks are strange blocks.

Christmas points out that the most effective building blocks for a better world are peace on earth.   Good will between people.

Christmas reminds us that building a better world can start
in the midst of a very simple life – even a life of confusion and difficulty

God builds with weird things such joy, hope, peace, love, grace, justice

They are the building blocks of Christmas living.

As it was said in the video a little earlier –

The Prince of peace being born in the most troubled land in the world:

It has a significance maybe
We need peace inside ourselves and we need peace all over the world.

So, beyond all the songs, and the decorations, and the food and the travel

my hope each of us is that we can experience and be one of
the unusual building blocks of a better world that Christmas points us to.

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