This weekend at Kippax – 8 Sept


This week we have hit the feel of spring. Warmer days. Blossoms on the fruit trees. Dive bombing magpies. Attacks of hay fever. In our 945 services over the next few weeks, we are marking the coming of spring, by thinking about how it is that we can encourage and enable new life to sprout in our own lives. Come in your not-so Sunday finest, and if you can bring a hand-held gardening tool, that would be great!!

Of course, in our 830 and 1030 services we are continuing our series on Les Miserables. This week, we will be welcoming Evan Kirby back to our services as he sings “Stars” and helps us consider concepts of love and law and grace. Come and see how you think Evan compares to Russell Crowe

And a couple of video clips for you to keep up with other things in the life of this community …

The more astute among you may be aware that there is a Federal Election that is being held at the moment. What are you hoping for as an outcome from the election? Here is our very own Lin Hatfield Dodds talking about what UnitingCare Australia is looking for …

And a second clip – this one demonstrating that the Kippax community spreads itself far and wide around the world. Peter Morgan is spending quite a deal of time in Tanzania at the moment, and has a 2nd ‘home church’ in Dar Es Salaam. Here is a clip of a recent community event at that church. Keep an eye out for Peter’s appearance

Grace and peace be with us this weekend and beyond


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